Classroom - Student Login

Premium members have access to Guided Lessons (games and exercises) for up to 35 students.

When using Guided Lessons in the classroom, or on multiple computers, we suggest you use "Classroom Mode." Only members designated as teachers or homeschoolers can use Classroom Mode.

Classroom Mode gives you a Classroom Code to allow your students to play on their individual devices without you having to log in to each computer. You are also able to set *all* students to work at the same grade level by selecting "Lock Grade Level" and selecting the grade for the class to work at. If you choose, you can also select to "Hide" the grade level so it will not show in Classroom Mode. This will then lock and/or hide grades for all students.

Students can enter your Classroom Code at, select their accounts, and then play as normal. Your students will be in our "Kid-Safe," ad-free Guided Lessons environment and they will not be able to access your account. 

You can only use Classroom Mode if you have added children to your account. If you have not done this already, you can add them by clicking on your Premium user ID (in the upper right-hand corner of any page) and then visit the "Your students" page and follow the instructions.  

Once your students are added, click on your Premium user ID, then choose "Classroom mode." Here you will see your Classroom Code and additional instructions. Your students can visit and enter your Classroom Code to log in. Up to 35 students can play simultaneously, and you have some control over their play from the Classroom Mode page, namely the ability to stop them from playing and to put them back to the home screen, or to send them to a specific Guided Lesson. 

"Guest Mode" is available if you do not want to enable tracking, or if you are using Guided Lessons in a computer lab where it is impractical to enter all the students.



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