Games - App availability

We have an iTunes app ( and Android app (

You can use our app in your Google Chrome Browser. Formerly known as the "Brainzy!" app, your students can now access their interactive lessons through the " Kids" app. The app requires a Google Chrome Browser (or a Chromebook) . If you don’t have a Chrome Browser you can download it here: Once there, click on “downloads” and choose your device.

If you already have the Chrome Browser then you simply need to download the app. The app is free to download but you do need to be a Premium member to use it. Just go to the Chrome Web store and search “”. You can also follow or cut and paste this link:

We also have an awesome Bookbuilder app that allows your child to either read along or be read to and create an adventure that can change each time they read it as they make decisions with the Brainzy characters along the way. You can find that here:

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