How to Print Worksheets and Workbooks

First, please ensure that you have the latest versions of your internet browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer), PDF viewer (Adobe Reader), and drivers for your printer.

After logging into your account, select a desired worksheet or workbook that you would like to print or download. We’ll use this one as an example: Click on “Download Worksheet” and it should open the worksheet in your browser or PDF viewer, depending on the browser you use.

Once the PDF file is opened, simply click on the print icon within the PDF viewer (not your browser’s print function). You can usually find this icon in the upper right corner of your PDF viewer program. At the print window, simply select the print preferences you want (how many copies, black and white or color, etc.) and click on Print. Please note, many of our worksheets contain a good amount of color. If you are printing for a classroom you may want to choose the option to print to grayscale or black and white to reduce the amount of ink that is used.

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