Brainzy - Classroom - Student Login

As a Pro member you have access to Brainzy for up to 35 students.
If you sign into your account, you can access the Brainzy Dashboard from your account menu by clicking your email address on the top right, or from the  "Games" tab, there is a link to "Go To Dashboard".
This will take you to your Progress Dashboard for your students. You are then able to click "Add Child" and enter the students to your account. The students will be immediately available to play Brainzy either by using the ‘play’ link from the dashboard, or from the select child menu once inside Brainzy at

When using Brainzy in the classroom, or on multiple computers, we suggest you enable “Classroom Mode”. Classroom mode gives you a classroom code to allow your students to play Brainzy without you having to log into each computer. You will see this option at the top of your Brainzy Dashboard, click on the on/off button next to “Brainzy Classroom Mode”. Once enabled you will see instructions, including your access code, and the ability to add a teacher and school name which will show up once inside Brainzy. Students can enter this classroom code from:, and then select their accounts, and play as normal. Your students will be in our "Kid-Safe" Brainzy environment and unable to access your account.

Up to 35 students can play simultaneously, and you also have some control over their play, namely the ability to stop them from playing and put them back to the home screen, or send them to a specific game.
If you do not want to enable tracking, or are using Brainzy in a computer lab where it is impractical to enter all the students, you can create one student such as ‘user’ or ‘guest’ and have all the students play with this name.

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